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 I've been airgunning for a long time but I wasn't aware of all the great forums that were out there full of great info. One day I was searching online and I came across the green forum. What a great little place it was, filled with tons of info. I spent hours reading it fascinated about all the things you could do to personalize these airguns. From then on, I found out about the dozens of other forums all full of addicted airgunners like myself. I then started making some custom parts here and there and realized how enjoyable it was, but the best part about it was making someone else happy. Shortly after I put up a site which didn't have much at the beginning, but it has slowly evolved to something decent I would say. This is truly a wonderful hobby.

Wire Stocks

Compensators, Air Stippers and Shrouds: Available in Aluminum, Brass and Matte Finish


Flat-faced pistons: Available in Delrin and Aluminum


Hammer Spring Guide, Tipman adapter, breech replacement screws 

Customer's Airguns

Chris D's 2250

Chris D's 13xx

Mike C's 13xx

Adan S's 2300

Rick R's 2300


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