Special Projects by Larry

Larry has come up with an interesting detachable stock for the 13XX and 22XX guns.  

"... not quite finished with it yet. The but plate is brass and the aluminum will paint black. The stock is held by one hex screw and easily taken off when transporting or shooting as a pistol. Also adapts easily to either 13xx or 22xx guns. Another thing that works well is that is can be custom built for young child that their father may want to start them shooting at a early age, but is having a hard time trying to find a stock that fits. Oh well, just some thoughts. Will send you another photo when I get it finished. Just picked up the 1377 the other day and plan on some neat things for it also."

Stock_01.jpg (366230 bytes)  Stock_02.jpg (338573 bytes)  Stock_03.jpg (353226 bytes)

From the Crosman Forum: January 2, 2006 

13xx/24xx Removable Stock

"I've been working on a removable stock for the Crosman pistols. This stock can also be easily customized to fit children with shorter arms (or adults with longer arms...lol). Stock is easily removed with one hex bolt for carrying in a case, backpack, or just shooting as a pistol. This stock is featured on a 1377 which I have just started modding. Anyone having any questions or wanting to build their own and need help, just drop me an email...LarryR..:>)"

Larry's Riser Project

Taken from the Crosman Forum: 11/30/05

"Here's a project I've been working on for sometime. The riser is milled from plate Delrin and the shroud is 7/8" carbon fiber with a brass tip. It is secured to the barrel with 2 set screws through the aluminum insert. The brass tip is removable..hehe Maybe these photos will help some of you DIYs build your barrel shroud. First picture is securing the barrel, maybe overkill, but I like a floating barrel locked down with more than one screw and it's easy to drill and tap. If you have any questions, let me know...:>)LarryR"

01_Breach_Riser.jpg (104359 bytes)  02_Barrel_Set_Screw.jpg (79839 bytes)  04_Complete_.jpg (56599 bytes)

Ongoing 1377 Project

I don't know where this will end, but it sure is fun on the way...LOL The shroud is 7/8" OD x 8.5" long carbon fiber. Just finished the tube brass cocking/barrel band. For you guys wanting to build your own the bottom photo has more precise measurements than the first one I posted. You can shape it to suit your likes, lots of different options...:>)

7-8x8CFShroudon1377F.jpg (139373 bytes)  7-8x8CFShroudon1377S.jpg (155850 bytes)  7-8x8CFShroudCloseupF.jpg (142196 bytes)  1377BrassBandCloseup1.jpg (148263 bytes)

1377BarrelBand.jpg (84122 bytes)

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