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Stocks by Lucas Parsley

Lucas Parsley has been doing stocks for about 4 years now.  His work is all hand made and each stock is unique with his own sense of shape.  Each stock has been made according to client's wishes.  The stocks start with wood of walnut, Mahogany and  Laminate.  Engravings are also included and hand made.  He also does dremeling and stippling(checkered).  The finish for the stocks are natural resins, oils, volcanic tuff and bitumins.

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A little bit about the craftsman.  In his own word:

I'm very interested in traditional techniques and secrets of this art of stock making.

I prefer smooth classic lines with bit of hunting traditions and try to stick to such style, because I've built carving machine (by my self) it allowed  me to build professional anatomical grips and good system inletting.
Rest is still hand made.

My first stock (pictured above) was made without any professional tools. I had only normal Chinese hand drill and cheap cina dremel. I used only chisels, sandpaper, files, etc. Nobody believed that I could carve a stock- not mentioning that such stock :).
From that moment on I've been doing stocks to this day.

I hope that YOU will like my works and they are good enough to show it
to people. 

AA s200

CZ 550 Lux 308 Win

Eagle Eye


HW 30


 HW 80 5.5


HW 85

HW 90

I've got new pics of nice hw90.  Animated presentation of it is also on Youtube. This is customised classicT model. Finish based on custom pistachio oil mixture.



Logun Axsor

 LP Gunstocks


Gun Stock Blanks





Merkel Shotgun

W & S Stingray


Walther LG

Walther Dominator

This stock is exact in my style :)  Made from walnut, traditional finish, with my small carving (owner wanted a scorpio on the stock)
The stock is ambi.

Fresh Pictures of the Walther Dominator

More Pictures of My First Stock

Now for Something Different

If you ever wanted to see some true artistry in wood, this is it!

One if it is a truly uniqe and weird in one.
I'm a conservative with the stocks- I prefer smooth classic lines but from time to time its good to free my carving talent and let it to shape some wood.

Its for FWB p70 rifle.
This stock was shown on couple forums in EU and made real shock.
The stock has:
Ultra anatomical grip made from hand mold (made in clay) lightweight palm-front that allows the shooter to put hand inside when
shooting FT.
The cheekrest with hole for steam when it would be cold outside. (it drives the steam away from the scope lense straight from the nose)
Its made from brown laminate. Palm front has a special profile to fit the knee when shooter is in FT position.
Grip is carved from two parts and then fitted to make one part grip that covers the red frame.


Lucas Parsley



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