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It always excites me when I find new talent...or when it finds me. Lee contacted me and asked if he could be added to the Airgun Artisans web site. I think you will agree that these guns are truly works of art. Welcome aboard Lee!

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I finished it off with 3 coats of Tunge oil. I added an custom  8- shot- round- ball holder. I also added some brass risers  to give it some bling to match the brass trigger. The cheek piece is made from maple wood.
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 Im still working on the magazine ,Im thinking about another design ,It will take awhile to figure it out to see if my Idea will work or not . Now all I have to do is find time to do some serious shooting with it ans post some target pics . Next I will try a longer barrel  etc. etc.


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A truly beautiful and wicked creation. An airgun that fires 25" arrows at 375 fps!!

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