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for 13xx

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Klayton Kidd's 1377 Cody's 1377

Cody's 1377

Casey's Beautiful Pair 2250 and 1377  Cu2's awesome 1377
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Unknown Modder Larry Rowlin's beautiful new creation. Jim's Phase One

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chevell's totally tricked out custom 1377 HAPPY GRADUATION KIDD

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Mike Robinson's wicked looking 1377 Pete's 1377

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Mark's impressive 1377 with a freaking fantastic new design from Steve Corcoran.

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New Blue from Rick

My 1322 002.jpg (53384 bytes) My 1322 004.jpg (63026 bytes) My 1322 005.jpg (59659 bytes)
George Ewen's Custom 1377

Would you look at that pump handle? I mean...Look at it!!!!

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Rick Pryor's pair of tricked out 1377's.
The 1322 is about 5 years old and has burled walnut grips from Rick Andres ,Crosman steel breech , trigger shoe, BSA 4x32AO scope and a PSP power tune. The 1377 is almost 20 tears old ,has less than 300 shots through it and is totally stock other than the grips which I painted with Krylon " Make it Stone" color Obsidian. I like the way the Krylon looks so much that I am in the process of doing my RWS 34's stock with it.

1169356609.jpg (52349 bytes)
Mike's 1377

This is my first time and I'm pleased with the results.  I started out with a phase 2 1377 and added a steel breech and brass trigger w/ shoe from Crosman, a 14in barrel w/ brake from Roy at MountainAir as well as a lighter sear spring and guide. Also, a set of walnut target grips from RB Grips and topped it off w/ a Red Dot sight. Had to use the RD-30 w/ air gun mount. My next step (once I recover from the $$ I spent) will be a brass flat top piston. Can hardly wait to see how better my grouping gets. 
Mike Tafoya

Tims1377.jpg (124120 bytes)
Tim in NC created this little jewel. Here is the run down:

The custom parts include:
New trigger from Airgunsmith
Grips from RB Grips
Bolt & barrel from Mountain Air Muzzle break, barrel shroud, and other brass parts were made by Art.
Breech and rear sight are from Crosman Front sight is a TruGlo shotgun sight

mntn3.jpg (82805 bytes) mntn1.jpg (71315 bytes) mntn2.jpg (65957 bytes)
This one has been in the works for months. The plan was to make the 1377 look like a modern version of a Mountain or Kentucky pistol from the 1800’s. I think I finally have achieved that look. Thanks to all who made the parts for me.
The grips are made by Rick at Airgrips.
The trigger and safety are from Sid at Airgunsmith.
The long breech is from Robert at RJ Machine.

And a special thanks to my very good friend Art who made many custom one of a kind parts.

DSC00812.jpg (65196 bytes)

DSC00818.jpg (63185 bytes)

DSC00819.jpg (55487 bytes) DSC00820.jpg (70265 bytes)
"I just finished some grips and forearm for my 1377. It is my first time out the gate. I couldn't handle the plastic any longer. I left the large flat under the thumb rest to laser etch later. I also need another coat of finish on the forearm just could wait any longer before taking pics.

Stylish Handmade 1377 Stock from Bruce

Greg Schutte's inovative 1377 Pellet Holder
I got tired of carrying around a tin of pellets so I made a Gun Mounted Ammo Container. I call it the GMAC. I'm working on a version for my 2240. It works really Sweet!

Zoned's lightly modded 1377


1377 002.jpg (81455 bytes) 1377 004.jpg (79785 bytes) 1377 005.jpg (141021 bytes)

Fantastic 1377 put together by 

Paul Bishop.    
"The position of the front sight was my idea although it may not be original. I didn't want it hanging on the end as I felt that it would get damaged. The brass shroud goes through the barrel band. The trigger shoe came from Crosman. They were out of all colors except the purple so that is what I ordered."      

"Other work done is a cleaning of the barrel, Recrown of the muzzle, solid brass piston, larger valve volume, trigger sear polish, lube and lighter spring and guide installed, additional screw installed in the side plate for integrity, refinish of the receiver with the hammered charcoal finish, steel breech and custom bolt thanks to you and about 32 hours of my time".


One of the nicest 1377s I have ever seen. Nice work CharlesC.

Brass1377.jpg (127405 bytes) SightonBrass1377.jpg (121514 bytes)
It started out as a rifle, went to a scoped pistol config and now it's an iron sighted pistol. Of my three 1377's this is the one I like most for plinking. 
I machined the receiver/breech and barrel weight/sight holder out of some scrap brass hex bar stock that was laying around my machine shop. 
Bolt dimensions are more like a 397 than a typical 1377. The bolt groove next to the breech is pellet diameter and the rear section is larger diameter to give more meat to thread the bolt handle into. 
I used an Iron Sight Gun Works rear sight that I grooved to snap down over the scope grooves. It's held down with the 4-48 screws that came with the sight. I made the front blade .150" wide to give me the 1-2-1 sight picture I like when the pistol it held at arms length.
The barrel is 1/2 of a 1760 rifle barrel. 
It's a fun pistol to shoot, is very accurate and isn't fussy about the kind of pellets it likes.
Innards are mostly stock including old style brass cup air chamber outlet valve. Of course I've fiddled around with the trigger a bit. 


Leo's matching 1740 and 1377

My idea in building these 2 pistols was to have 2 basically identical pistols based off of Crosman's 2 basic platforms.  I think I achieved the look and idea I was going for.  Both were tuned by me to be what I think a target pistol should be.


Maximum accuracy and number of shots was the purpose here.  When all was said I done I was getting around 60-70 shots on a cart at 450 fps.  In order to do this I left the valve stock, added a deboinger from Roy at MA and a Power Adjuster with a full length spring guide from Art.  The power adjuster with spring guide was a very important piece of the puzzle because it allowed me to dial in exaclt how much gas was being used so that there was very little waste.  It also made the gun quieter.  The trigger had a guide from Airgunsmith and had been polished on all surfaces.

The breech is from RJ Machine, grips from Steve Corcoran, and muzzle brake from Rich in Mich. which I added the front sight to.  All of this made for one smooth and accurate shooter.


My goal for this was to achieve somewhere around 450 fps on 3 pumps.  I got 415 fps on 3 and left it at that.  It was meant to be a target pistol so the least amount of pumps was a necessity.  I added a flat top piston from Roy at MA as well as a hammer spring guide from him.  I switched out the 13xx hammer spring in favor of a 22xx spring because I did not need to dump a high number of pumps and the 22xx spring jarred the pistol less when fired.  I polished all parts of the triggering system and lightened the spring to make for a smooth pull.

The breech is a left hand long with sight cutout from RJ Machine, the grips are from Steve Corcoran and have an ebony end cap.  The muzzle brake is from Larry.  I added the front sight to it. 


Sam's 1377

Very nice looking gun.  And some big fish too!

  I just wanted to share my first custom Airgun, a Crosman 1377.  I've attached some photos below.  Here are the specs.
Zebrawood Super Pumper and Stock Insert from Ralph @ RB Grips
Barrel Band, Custom Brake & Bolt, Trigger Spring/Guide and Shoe from Roy @ Mountain Air
Long Breech from Robert @ RJ Machine
Adjustable Cone Piston w/Ported Valve and lighter spring, Brass Safety from Gil
14" Barrel from Jim @ Crooked Barn
Leapers 4x32 Mini AO Bug Buster Scope, Illuminated Red/Green Mil-Dot Reticle, Flip-Open Lens Covers
Accushot 1" Rings

Gun Mounted Ammo Container (GMAC) from Greg Schutte

As you can see....I bought only the best for my first creation.  A special thanks to everyone who helped with this!


Brad's Bullpub
Check out  the stock that Brad made for his 13xx.

Nick's 1377

Check out the parts Nick made for his gun

I finally finished building the adjustable buttstock for my 1377 carbine conversion
For those with a high boredom threshhold, here's the 9 blog postings:

The 1377 Project, The Buttstock, Part 1
The 1377 Project, The Buttstock, Part 2
The 1377 Project, The Buttstock, Part 3
The 1377 Project, The Buttstock, Part 4
The 1377 Project, The Buttstock, Part 5
The 1377 Project, The Buttstock, Part 6
The 1377 Project, The Buttstock, Part 7
The 1377 Project, The Buttstock, Part 8
The 1377 Project, The Buttstock, Part 9



Trevor's 16th birthday present

This gun was a present from his grandfather

My much anticipated 1377 came in this week. I am very pleased with Skyler’s work.

This pistol will be a birthday present for grandson so I wanted it to be the best.

I did a lot of searching for a Red Dot sight. I finally ended up with the ATN Compact Digital Ultra Reflex Sight from Optics Planet I chose it for its small size and sleek design.

To convert to weaver sight base I was going to buy the BSquare 2 Pc 3/8 to weaver bases because they looked lower than the BKL, but they were not in stock.
So I went with the BKL adapters

Ed R in NJ


Darren's matched pair of cherry finished 1377 grips and forearms

I made these last summer for my brother's 2 boys, got them done just in time for squirrel hunting, both have had their cherry wood popped, the guns I mean.


Michael's 1377 Twins...well, almost
Look at those beautiful grips and pumper arms that he made.
Here's a prototype grip and forestock that I've designed for my twins.

Brett in Puyallup's 1377
He did some very nice wood work on his gun.
Its a Crosman 1377 phase II that I bought 19
years ago.  I was looking on the yellow forum at a post and the Crosman
forum site link was in it so I decided to take a look.  Thats when this
whole 1377 project came about.

     There were so many cool things that I saw being done to these guns that
I was going to buy a 2240 to start juicing up.  I decided to start with what
I already had, the 1377.  1st was the breech from Crooked Barn, which I
polished right away.  At the same time was the 1760 barrel that I chopped
down to 16" , recrowned and polished it too.  Next was the forearm and
Pistol grips I did in maple.

      I wanted to keep it as a pistol but I was struggling on what exactly I
wanted as far as sights for it.  I had an extra crosman scope (silver) that
came with my sons 760 so I mounted that.  I liked that but it was so small
and shakey in that configuration that I decided to mount the shoulder stock
that I had bought with the gun 19 years earlier.  It shot so nicely as a
carbine that I decided to keep it that way but it just didnt look right with
the maple forearm and the black stock.

      This is where the idea of making my own stock came in.  I went to the
local hardwood dealer and found a nice 8/4 piece of maple with figure in it.
  I used the crosman stock as the basic template for the angles and such and
tweaked them to my likings.  I started out to copy the lines of one of Steve
Cocorans stocks but I decided to go with my own design to be original.  Most
of the little details came along during the process.  I didnt have a big
picture when it started, just knew that the maple and black plastic didnt go
together.  The real beauty is in the wood that God created.


Jim Copeland's 1377

CROSMAN 1377C - American Classic

  • Steel breech by Crosman
  • 1399 Stock by Crosman
  • 24” Barrel by Crosman
  • 3” Delrin Muzzle Break by Muzzle Mac
  • Hammer Spring Guide by Mountain Air
  • Trigger Shoe by Mountain Air
  • Walnut Superpumper and Stock Insert by RB Grips
  • Crosman 1377 Barrel Band Modified by Owner
  • 3x9x32 Golden Antler Airgun Scope by Tasco

CROSMAN 1377C - American Classic


  • Steel breech by Crosman
  • 1399 Stock by Crosman
  • 16” Barrel by Crosman, cut and crowned by Muzzle Mac
  • 3” Delrin Muzzle Break by Mountain Air
  • Hammer Spring Guide by Mountain Air
  • Trigger Shoe by Mountain Air
  • Superpumper by RB Grips
  • Crosman 2289 Barrel Band
  • 3x7x20 Scope by BSA


Juan Gonzalez's Bulked Air 1377

I started this project taking a 1377 platform, I bought it but I never used it because I`m a little  feeble on that pumping thing,  the co2 is what I like so I converted this unused and forgotten pumping 1377 into a new co2 powered "thing" hehehe...
I  cut  the tube a few inches and with help from a lathe. I made a new valve adapter so I can connect all the new pieces, I ported the valve (is basically the same valve and stem). I changed the stock springs for a stronger one in the hammer and a softer inside the valve. I tuned the trigger, ported and re-crowned the stock barrel, I gave extra support to the tank using an ansgear drop forward taken from a gotcha store, added a pressure gauge, and the other connections were available at parker store...I made a back adaptor so I can use a gotcha marker butt simulating an AR 15 butt..
At this time is a very light gun, very comfortable because is adjustable and easy to handling....


Brainshot's 1377

I got a stock 1377 on Friday from pyramid air and pretty much spent the weekend working on this gun.

I'm happy with the build.

I made a large bolt handle for it.

I made the shroud for it so it's dead quiet.

What I spent the most time working on was this wire stock which has a built in power adjuster that allows me to swap springs in no time. It can go from rifle to pistol by just adjusting the hex screw and removing the stock.

I made a pump pin which will not slide while I pump.

Updated May 14, 2009


Tex's 1377

Well this is the other woman, as my wife likes to call her. She started life as a 1377, but as you can see I have a lot of free time on my hand's.
Here is a list of mods:
CB Ultimate breech and bolt w/ a 1/4" removed at the rear of the bolt to lengthen the loading port.
14" crosman barrel cut and crowned to 11" by myself.
Valve mod, done by me. With the help of a crosman forum post I found from Skyler. Only difference is I use viton o rings.
Brass adj. Piston from Airgunsmith
Stock adapter, pump arm, brass hammer, brass spring guides, barrel band, and muzzle brake are all done by me, with ideas from AA postings ( Thanks ).
Grips and pump arm inserts also by me. They are red oak, and all done by hand.
Scope and adapter are by Leapers.
Stock by RAP 4.
Single point sling by Voodoo Tactical.
   I also mounted a couple of rails below the pump arm for a forward grip and tac lite. The red anodizing is actually Krylon, but it still does the trick. I am not sure on the velocities, as I do not have a chrono. What I can tell you is she can put a hole in an old car door from 20 ft away w/ 25 pumps.

Updated 10/15/09 With 2260 barrel, delrin and aluminum suppressor  

Dave Pannell's 1377

Here is my crosman 1377 super mod sniper rifle. Over 1,000 fps at 15 pumps!



1320_32.jpg (24413 bytes)
Chubb's 1320

1320003.jpg (155042 bytes) 1320006.jpg (154589 bytes)
Tony's Innovative 1320 
The elements of the gun are as follows:
RJ Riser Breech
Valve ported and polished
Poly-tube transfer port.
1399 stock
Walther .20 barrel (19 inches long)


1322B.jpg (123815 bytes)
Pat J's tricked out MA1322 by Roy at Mountain Air

Zoned's 1322

1322.jpg (174268 bytes)
Tim's 1322
I got the metal barrel band from Dave Welker. The metal barrel band wouldn't allow me to use the 10 inch barrel with a stock front sight. I did cut 3 inches off of a 14" barrel, so it's near 11 inches. Since I had to cut and crown, I figured I might polish the barrel to match the shiny barrel band. I kind of like the black and silver look, but will order some nice wood grips for it soon. 

This gun has the flat top brass piston in it and shoots pretty hard. I have tuned other 1322s that came out better, but this one holds it's own. It is very accurate, though, and that's what counts. I shot a few 5-shot nickel sized groups today at 25 yards with open sights using JSB exacts. Rws Hobbies shoot nicely as well. It shot a little bit more open (quarter size) with cps. 

Here's what it shoots with 14.3 grain cps:

10 pumps - 523 fps
12 pumps - 552 fps
15 pumps - 588 fps
20 pumps - 630 fps

I plan to use a 2100 intake valve in it soon to decrease the volume and increase the pressure. I'm just waiting for that to arrive from Crosman. I'll post on how it turns out.

Tim Miller

1322-1.jpg (225317 bytes) 1322-2.jpg (219119 bytes)
Robert's Handsome 1322 

"I received my 1322 from Roy at Mountainair today and I'm extremely happy with it, powerful and accurate what more could you ask for".

14" .22 Barrel
new bolt and breech
Flat top piston
Cocabola target grips from RB Grips
Accushot scope rings
Bug Buster scope

Chevell's Newest 1322 Creation...what a beauty!!
Front and back view 12 pumps 15 pumps 18 pumps
These results easily surpass the best numbers of my modded steroid streak despite the fact that my gun has a much smaller pump volume displacement and much smaller valve. Kinda gives new meaning to the word efficiency.

It's also twice as easy to pump as my steroid gun even with no extra leverage and a metal handle!

It will also be much more accurate because of the stiffness of the perfectly honed 304 stainless pump tube which is locked to my Crosman barrel with brass barrel bands. This gun has all the mods I used on my 1322 carbine and a few new ones as well.

It's also very quiet, even on the higher pump levels. This is the gun as tested, the pistol grips are just for testing. It will have a top of the line full size walnut stock and a Leapers 8-32 AO 56mm scope.

Crosman Premiers, 22 cal. 14.3 grain.

Mig Rod's 1322

all mods done by me, including the camo paint job, very accurate and quiet, hope you like it, feel free to post the pic in your sight.


Ivan in PR's 1322

The grip are made by Rick and stock is by Gil


Roger Vick's custom1322
My new tack driver thank to Roy @ Mountain Air for another fine job. He does make it easy for me to build a great gun you could say he's my easy button. For folks like me that don't have the time, skills or tools Mountain Air is the way to go. They turn out great every time. This is my 4th MA gun and every one has been a home run.
Also wont to thank
Rick for the grips
RJ for the breech
Gill for the stock
Vince for the barrel band
And Crosman for the frame

Greg's custom 1322

This 1377c is the reason why I made the barrell bands. I have the outside of the airgun done now it is time to mod the inside. Here are some of the spec so far.

Brand new 1377c.
I never was shot a pellet threw it until I put the turned down 22 caliber barrell on it.
Grant Stace trigger and rear site.
RJ Machine left hand breech.
Custom Rosewood grips from Rick.

(Thanks to these guys for making some SWEET stuff.)

Bluefork brass barrell band with site, GMAC, brass breech plug, and custom cocking knob.

I also made the crown protector, brass pins for the pump handle, brass safety, polished the hammer, installed some allen head screws in the gripframe, and lightened the trigger pull to 2 pds.

Stuff I still need to do. Install a new Bluefork Valve and adjustable pump piston, port the inlet hole, make it shoot tacks and install some green tru-glo optics on the rear site. I'm really pleased with it so far.

Mig Rod's Camo 1322

Just wanted to show my 1322 "Survival gun"
It's basically a 1377 converted to .22 cal using a 2250 barrel and breach. I did all the basic trigger, hammer, and valve mods along with major spring replacements.
Extremely accurate, and since it's a .22cal it is a great hunting pistol. The fact that it is self powered and compact with rifle shooting ability, makes it a great gun to take smallgame and pests in a survival situation. None of my guns are made for looks but strict hardcore functionality. For less than twenty bucks to purchase the barrel and breach, and a few mods here and there, anyone can turn their .177 cal 1377 into a hard hitting hunter


Andy in NC's 1377/22 Carbine
Wider trigger face from 1/16" x 1/4" brass stock soldered on the trigger
Sear spring work including a .22lr rat shot brass for a spring guide
2289 barrel, barrel band and bolt
760 forearm and front sight
Hand guard made from original 1377 forearm
Ruger 10/22 scope rail
Home-made shoulder stock from wood

The 1377 forearm was drilled and filed to fit over the barrel. 8-32 allen-headed set screws are threaded into the rear roll pin holes to lock the piece to the barrel. Also small plastic shims were glued onto the inside of the rear of the piece to fit it tight to the receiver. This helps prevent the barrel and the scope mount from twisting. The design of the 2289 barrel band also helps keep the barrel tight. I wouldn't want to use this for a really heavy scope, but the red dot is fine.
The shoulder stock is made of three layers of 1/2" plywood. It and the forearms pieces are painted with a Rust-Oleum texture spray paint with a finish coat of Krylon kahki camo spray paint. An ATI slip-on SKS dragunov stock butt pad brings up the rear of the shoulder stock.


Todd's 1322 Carbine

Anyway, my first effort at modding a gun. I did not do the work but it turned out okay. Here's the facts about it:

Mac1 modded 1377 to 1322:

-14" barrel
-crosman steel breech
-trigger job and all the other stuff he did, I still do not understand all the terminology, whatever the whole package includes..
-crosman carbine stock with insert by Tony Petch
-I have three sets of sights
1. crosman LPA iron sights
2. red dot sight
3. 3x9x32 centerpoint scope

So far only used for target and outdoors once. Scope was purchased last and
is sighted in but I have not done any extensive shooting. So far I like it the best out of the three due to my middle aged eyes.

I have contracted the virus over the interest and am thinking about my next guns to buy. My next will be a Mac1 steroid Sheridan followed by an LD when I can afford it.

Derek MCMinn's Crosman 1322 Long Range Pistol

Converted a standard 1377 multi pump pistol.
Used a cut and crowned 2260 barrel
Home made full length LDC
Chrome plated barrel shroud
converted the pump arm to a scope rail
Used an SKS cheek rest as the new beefier pump arm
Lots of internal valve and trigger mods
The BSA laser is dead on target 15-20 yards

Dave's 1322
This 1322 started out as a new 1377.  Dave converted it to 1322 using vintage 1322 cocking knob and then Camo painted it

M'Hackett's Michael in FL's 1322

I'm a lefty and I found it no problem loading pellets as this is my only currently free mount to use. Your cheek actually welds the stock at the notch at the rear of the butt. Offhand, with my right palm open and on the bottom of the pistol grip and right elbow braced in my rib and the stock adjusted to right length and cant, the Sportview looks like a HDTV with crosshairs and as the pass over a 12 Oz pepsi can at 50 yards, a smooth squeeze of the trigger and you can see the exact on it's way to target like a heat seeking missile and only on impact is there and sound. Shooting at 25 yards got boring even though only pumping half the strokes.
Resting standing against the back porch post (that's how the dents got there), using my thumb web to grab the post and my index singer wrapped around the Dave Welker barrel band like a pool cue, I can consistently center punch the logo on the Pepsi One cans(or as consistently as I can roll them offhand anyway).

I've probably shot a tin of Exacts through it. A few stock dents but that's to be expected if it is to get shot.

RJ breech and bolt with TKO trigger group mod. This is the one the Supersear could not be made to work in.

Secret Sauce and the fat handle make pumping a breeze but I guess I'll be using it a lot on 3 strokes indoors this winter.
I finally found the 4x32 Sportview and BKL 254 mount I had misplaced and started shooting it.
It dumps all the air at 15 pumps and I was using that most of the time as I was plinking at 50 yards.

I can't wait to give it a go at barn pigeons with Predators



1154370915.jpg (50057 bytes) 1154370892.jpg (55688 bytes) 1154370981.jpg (31590 bytes) 1154371076.jpg (36242 bytes)
His new 1325

Tony (Hooked on Mods) wonderful 1332 with homemade stock



OAL: 34"
Barrel: 20"
Weight: not yet weighed, but feels about 6 lbs w/scope Scope: 6x BugBuster with medium height rings Brake: Solid aluminum, my design to protect crown.
Mods: Ported valve, tubing breech seal, flat-top, stock volume valve and o-ring nylon piston, light valve spring, longer hammer spring with spring guide, polished hammer and trigger with lighter spring. RJ short breech, drilled Welker band to support pump pin. Will add trigger shoe once I make a shim.



(CarsonRatSniper) 13xx's

These are a nice looking pair of pumpers


Stanley O'Neil's Custom 13XX with Grips from Michael in FL and Brass by Art

John Williams' 1322

This is a 1322 with AC Customparts everything. The shroud, stock,flat top piston,flat valve with mods,trigger spring with guide, hammer spring and flat head breech screw. the trigger sear has been polished by me, RB grips and a silver BSA red dot that is 5 moa (hard to find). It also has the polytube transfer port mod.

David Pannell's 1322 Conversion

1377 convert to 1322 carbine with a 14 inch barrel, too many mods to mention, I have done all I can, after many months and some $, it tops out at 730fps!! YEAH
I call it the 1320 TOO much fun!!  It is dead on!!



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