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Crosman 1XX

Peter Dukin's New 114 Creation
114 restore.jpg (399015 bytes) 114 schnabel2.jpg (89285 bytes) 114 schnabel.jpg (69192 bytes)
Took a 114 and restored it and dressed up the stock with a schnabel forearm. Gives it a much more modern look in my opinion, proving these old rifles have lots of life left in them! Enjoy

Classicalgas AKA Scot's non Crosman Mods
Bulk co2,about 12 ft/lbs, started out as a ruined pump rifle, a Benjamin 342
Chinese AK trainer, all out tune with chopped barrel, refinish, etc...
This gun I built for my 6 year old, bulk co2.20cal,was a hold down silverstreak with a ruined pump tube
And one Crosman 150
150 with a 1400 barrel, refinished

Peter Ruut's Modified 160...Stunning
DSC02227.JPG (62311 bytes) DSC02228.JPG (62341 bytes) DSC02229.JPG (62717 bytes) DSC02230.JPG (61686 bytes) DSC02231.JPG (62952 bytes) DSC02232.JPG (62486 bytes)
A lot of internal work such as enlarged passages and lightened oversize
valve. Greater spring pressure has been added also. It has been bulked and
finished off in a baked on stainless steel. I have added a custom barrel
clamp of my own design and topped it off with stainless steel fittings and a
Dave G stock. All in all, I think its not too shabby!!!

Crosman 400

Peter Dunkins fully restored 400
I just did not have the heart to make this a thumbnail image. This is one of the nicest looking 400s I have ever seen. Here is the list of mods he did...interesting that he used a QB valve...don't think I have heard of anyone doing that before:

Took my old CR400 to task this winter. Here is the list of mods:
Pachmar white line recoil pad
Tung oil stock refinish
QB-78 valve
Lighter valve spring
Valve port and polish
Transfer ports drilled out in barrel and valve
1/4" air transfer tubing
Enlarged air hole in bolt
Polished bolt handle (clear coated)
Oxpho Blue
Polished sear/trigger 

Crosman 600


Pistols001.jpg (52299 bytes)
Pistols002.jpg (59328 bytes) Pistols003.jpg (66027 bytes) Pistols005.jpg (29584 bytes) dscn2780a.jpg (78122 bytes)
John Richardson's and his nicest 600s... I have ever... seen posted!!! John's PCP 9mm

Photo1.jpg (40139 bytes) Photo2.jpg (40145 bytes) Photo3.jpg (42291 bytes) Photo6.jpg (35080 bytes) Photo9.jpg (33673 bytes)
Richard Pollard's VERY nice pair of 600s. Shiny is good!!!

"Here are 2 of my Crosman 600's done with complete overhauls form Dave G. and those guns shoot unbelievably powerful and accurate. One gun has the Mac-1 bulk fill tube and there 13 inch barrel and the other one is in silver finish the the Max-z bulk connector and 4 oz hangy tank with a 9 inch Walther barrel and custom shroud I made on the lathe and milling machine".

John Richardson, AKA Johnny Bravo's most excellent Crosman 600.

CustomShineyCR600005.jpg (179999 bytes) CustomShineyCR600004.jpg (206177 bytes) CustomShineyCR600006.jpg (212524 bytes)
CustomShineyCR600007.jpg (232849 bytes) CustomShineyCR600013.jpg (179425 bytes) CustomShineyCR600008.jpg (183556 bytes)
From the Crosman Forum 8-16-06

Pistols002.jpg (239379 bytes)

Old Look 

This has taken almost 1 year in the making but she is 95% complete. Lots of folks to thank too. The first pic is what she USED to look like before I put her in Oakland Raider colors for that BA look.  Definite Eye Candy for the 600 lover.



Tony's Custom Crosman 600

Just added this AS adapter from Tim at Mac1 to my 600. (Many thanks to Tim for really quick service and a very enjoyable telephone conversation.)

Just keep loading pellets and shoot, shoot, shoot.

2289 barrel; ACE modular stock; Simmons 4x32 scope; scope mounted with a kit found at Walmart for mounting a scope on some kind of Marlin rifle. The base was flat and after I removed the 600 rear sight, I used that screw hole for the rear of the Weaver rail (existing hole in the Weaver rail) and I drilled another hole in the 600 frame (just in front of the existing hole to secure the barrel) and one other hole in the front of the rail and it all just dropped in. Didn't even have to cut the rail for the 600 loading arm (checked it plenty of times dry-fire wise before shooting the thing.) I've also seen a 9 oz tank at Walmart for 14 bucks that may be the next purchase! That would hold enough CO2 to take me into retirement! (That is, if retirement was really an option but that belongs on another forum for another day.)

A pair of Rick's grips gives it a very nice feel. I've only been able to shoot this in my basement at 6 yards but with Daisy P-Max pellets I get unrested groups that I can cover with a nickel. And the 10 shots came off in less than 10 seconds! Fun stuff! I don't have a chrony so I don't know how fast it is shooting with the longer barrel, if at all.


Crosman 760

Andy in NC's 760 project

That's one nice looking stock

Made some new furniture for my 760 project. Also added a new Leapers scope.
Low budget fun:
$30.00 gun (late model Crosman 760)
$20.00 scope (Leapers 4 x 32 with illuminated milldot reticle)
$1.00 3/8 x 4" iron pipe nipple (muzzle break)
$4.00 3/8 x 2' x2' BC plywood (stocks)

Still less than what I paid for my 1377


Andy in NC's 760

Is this a nice looking 760 or what!

The stock is built up from plywood.
The barrel is a 1760 barrel machined to fit by Roy
from Mountain Air.
The muzzle weight is a piece of iron gas pipe polished
and blued.



Joe's 1077

Here's Joe's 1077, he recently start making his own muzzle breaks for the 1077.


Crosman 1100

DSC02279.JPG (64664 bytes) DSC02283.JPG (64857 bytes) DSC02280.JPG (61911 bytes) DSC02281.JPG (64821 bytes) DSC02277.JPG (62548 bytes) DSC02282.JPG (65256 bytes)
Peter Ruut takes the 1100 to the next level.
Here are some pictures of a Crosman 1100 Trapmaster that I have modified into sort of a riot gun. I shortened the stock and fore arm and added a shell carrier. Internal mods include, heavier spring, lightened valve, longer release arm and a little bit of polishing. I t will shoot a .380 steel ball at about 550 fps. It will bury the ball into a tree at 35 yards. I t also has been bulked by modifying the original piercing cap. ~ Peter

Crosman 17XX

IMG_1256.jpg (253413 bytes) IMG_1258.jpg (218185 bytes) IMG_1260.jpg (218771 bytes) IMG_1261.jpg (200526 bytes) IMG_1264.jpg (250829 bytes)
Casey's Outstanding MA1750
This project has been in the works for a few months now, and I got the finishing touch today. The men that contributed to this are true artist of the community. I couldn't be happier with the turn out. I must also thank my wife for assisting (allowing) me to purchase yet another toy.

The action is a MA1750 done by Roy Weid of Mountain Air. The barrel has been re-crowned and ported, the valve has been modified and ported, custom trigger job with a nice 1 - 2 lb pull. Its good for 20 HARD shots on a 12 gram cart. He also installed a riser breech from RJ machine with a brass cocking handle so he could add a full length brass shroud which is also VERY effective. This thing is super quiet. Starlings beware....

I had a brass end cap made by Arthur Braden of Art's shack. This thing is SOLID, and nicely finished. A perfect touch to accent the shroud. I will definitely have more work for him in the future...

The stock showed up today to finish things off. It was made by Steve Corcoran of Woods and Water Outdoors. Its a 22XX ambi- stock done in camo laminate. The caps I choose are of ebony wood. I had Steve add brass accents between the caps to accent the shroud. With a last minute call, I went with a Morgan adjustable pad. 

My Santa brought me the BKL mount and 6x Bugbuster to top it off.

I'm extremely thrilled with the magic put in this. Everyone has been a pleasure to work with, and look forward to doing business again.

Thanks, and Enjoy ~ Casey


Sweet 1760 from Voytas in Poland

Crosman 2260

22601.jpg (116573 bytes) 22602.jpg (89049 bytes) 22603.jpg (109232 bytes)
Smidal Sniper bad-ass 2260.

Finally the otherwise dull looking 2260 Rabbitstopper is starting to look like the excellent sniper it is. 
Fitted the grip from my 1377 and got the 1399 stock.
Got my Tasco 6-24x50 AOE scope from eBay. 
The ad said World Class but the other ads called it Rangefinder so I'm not really sure which it is. 
It has got that cool range estimating mil-dot type reticle. Illuminated. 
The only "problem" with the scope so far is that I thought the objective adjustments started at 25 feet not 25 yards but since I'll use it on distances beyond that it's really no prob. 
I used 6 ProBlox with a tiny drop of Locktite on them and that works great. 
I'm more likely to shatter the breech than to tilt the scope.

The front grip gave me a few sleepless nights. 
I first painted the pumpgrip from the 1377 black and used that but it looked kind of wimpy so i got rid of it. 
Just when I was about to order one 2250 type grip i remembered that I got all these MP-651K parts taking up space in my workshop. 
And what do you know. With a lot of hacksawing, dremeling, filing, sanding and lactic acid pumping through my veins I made it fit. 
And it looks great!! 

It's the foregrip of my MP-651K.

651parts.gif (10840 bytes)

I cut off the barrel piece and hacksawed/dremeled my way along the upper part of it. 
Then I filled in "epoxy putty" (I'm not sure what the English term is) on 3 strategic places and pressed a wet tube the same size as the 2260 tube against the putty to shape it. 
Then I used strong double sided tape to make it stick. 
I also sanded it and sprayed it matte to make it look like the 1399 stock. 

PB280104.jpg (89335 bytes) PB280105.jpg (71752 bytes) PB280106.jpg (79854 bytes)
PB280107.jpg (73711 bytes) PB280108.jpg (75232 bytes) PB280109.jpg (89058 bytes)
Sheldon's Beautiful 2260 (AKA 2260KS)

Steve Corcoran premium walnut stock, Crosman steel breech, ss trigger and bolt, muzzle break by Art, king arms bipod, and all modds done by Eric Briggs

IMAG0001.jpg (28744 bytes) IMAG0003.jpg (45802 bytes) IMAG0004.jpg (35380 bytes) IMAG0007.jpg (33000 bytes) IMAG0008.jpg (32238 bytes)
Dan wanted a Gamo Shadow for Christmas but knew his wife would not let him spend any more money on airguns...for God's sake...the kids needed to eat!! So he thought and he thought until he came up with the idea of building her a 2260 painted light blue of her very own. It worked.
IMAG00012.jpg (22622 bytes) IMAG00032.jpg (31274 bytes) IMAG00042.jpg (26002 bytes) IMAG00052.jpg (28136 bytes) IMAG00152.jpg (25660 bytes)
But wait...the story is not finished. With what was left over from modding the 2260...he built this nice little gun. His wife liked it so she took it too. Let's see...a wife who is a massage therapist AND is taking an interest in airguns...where can I get me one of them?


Rich Howell's 2260 Hand Cannon

2260 chrome tube with custom aluminum bulk fill cap and pressure guage 0-1200psi
B/A Boss valve ported and new spring with a matching ported 7.5"barrel 22cal.
Polished aluminum 1"dia x 13" long internally vented shroud with brass end caps
RJ Machine Riser Breech
Custom Brass knob w/o-rings w/ s.s.handle and extended probe and Brass breech cap
Black and White Laminate grips by Rick
Chrome trigger shoe and alum.trigger spring  guide
Tasco Pro-Class IR2x22PA 2x22mm polished aluminum very hard to find scope has Illuminated red triangle a center btm of cross-hairs with adjustable Intensity
So-Low scope mount
This baby shines so bright outside It makes your eyes bleed LOL



Michael in FL's 2261

Ive often wondered if a Baikal IZH 61 rifle could be converted to CO2, and after some pondering decided it would be easier to convert a CO2 rifle to an IZH 61.

Borrowing a few design elements from the Russians, this is what I came up with. The Crosman 2261.

It started life as a stock 2250B. I added a Crosman steel breech with Picatinny rail, tuned the trigger, and added the stock and bloop tube.



George Ewen's Custom 22xx
2260 tube, 14" barrel, and custom stock by "ExoticWoody"


Rich's 2260

Chrome plated 2260 tube-custom brass co2 end cap with aluminum cartidge rod to save weight by Art-RJ high rise breech. O-ring brass hanlde and extended probe and trigger shoe-work by Roy at M.A.--B&A 12 gram boss valve that is extremely modified-shoulder stock by Gil--13"x1" dia.polished aluminum vented shroud with brass end caps&forearm stock by LarryR-Bushnell Trophy 1x32 red dot sight-custom grips by Rick-BKL dovetail to weaver adaptor for scope-laser and light by gamo-ther ya go!!


James creation

Check out the stock James made

The shroud is 1 1/8 id.
Crossman 2260 barrel not quite free-floating within it.
Overall length is 49"
The stock was made from one piece of cherry, cut in halves to simplify the inletting.

The internals:
2260 barrel crowned and polished
2260 Tube and extension cap
heavy hammer spring
stock valve spring...
shaped valve stem
poly port
valve trimmed and bored aka: "bio mods"
valve port "flowed"
full length hammer spring guide (8d nail trimmed in length)
trigger, sear and hammer matting surfaces all mirror pollished and lubed.

DAQ Breach
Leapers 16X50 with AO (Large wheel did not make it to the photo shoot.)
Hacked up B-Square Adjustable high rise mount
The shroud has a 4" removeable section (clipped in) to facilitate cart exchanges)
Harris SLM Bipod latched onto a #2A Stud


CCrosman 2289

My2289.jpg (44467 bytes) My2289barrel002.jpg (48314 bytes) My2289barrel003.jpg (59048 bytes)
"I made an aluminum breech and brake and put on some good quality sights. Also a brass pump shaft. What a difference!!!"

George Ewen's 2289 with homemade breech.


Gil's 2289

Love the custom parts on this one.

CB breach, custom bolt, custom adjustable stock, vented shroud, 23" crowned barrel (with enlarged port), delrin transfer port, ported valve (with lighter spring), brass adjustable cupseal piston, custom adjustable trigger, stronger hammer spring, brass safety, drill rod pump arm pivot pin (with e-clips), adjustable sear spring, 760 fore arm, American Classic grips, mock suppresser, 16X 40mm scope, Harris pod. 740fps with 20 pumps using rws super point extra (14.5gr) pellets. 22 cal.......


Crosman 3240

Tim Miller's 3240

It shoots a tad over 600 fps with the 45 grain round-balls. The gun is not finished, but I really like it already!

Tim Miller

Benjamin Discovery

Darren's Black Walnut Discovery Stock 

The first custom stock for a Discovery pistol that I have seen.  Very NICE!

Anthony R's .20cal Disco Carbine (RIFLE)

As some of you know I started this project a while back.  It started out as a std. .22 Disco rifle I bought from Dave@Cobra. Which I used for core parts. I knew that I wanted a .20 carbine with a peep sight that had a low profile, and to power it on bulk CO2.So the grocery list looked like this Lothar/Walther Barrel, 2260 Stock Mike T, Sheridan/Williams Peep Sight and any Crosman parts Alan@AB. Lefty Breech by Don Cothran.

Just finished putting the whole thing together last night so this AM I head out to Cobra to show the guys. Everyone likes it. Someone has a chrony set up .UH OH the moment of truth..  Now, I even have to see if it shoots, in front of a bunch of AirGun people. Not expecting too much, it's not really prime CO2 weather, only 62-64 degrees out, real damp, and I hadn't even put a shot threw it yet. I figured I'd come up with an excuse why it didn't work if I had to. SURPRISE! 1st shot H&N .20 Wadcutter 718.6fps 2nd shot .20 JSB Exact 686.3fps

Wow! I was very pleased, much better than I hoped for from an 18 inch barrel on CO2 in cool weather. More tuning and full shot strings to come.
Thanks to all who contributed their thoughts so I could complete this project.

The Full Length Finished @ 34 inches


Modified Fill plug

Re Curved Trigger

Sheridan/Williams Peep

Unique Designs

Donald's ARIAKON SIM-4 conversion to .22 cal pellet gun

This particular project started life as a ARIAKON SIM-4, military look-a-like paintball marker. A copy of the U.S. military's M4/M16/AR15 type firearm.

The paintball marker comes with a .50 caliber barrel. I machined a barrel bushing for the interior of the .50 cal barrel to hold the HW 16 MM O.D., .22 cal. match barrel. The stock aluminum bolt was replaced with a brass bolt. The way the Ariakon is designed the CO2 gas flows through the bolt to the projectile, I kept that design in this project. The brass bolt is thicker and seems to absorb some of the chill from the flowing CO2.

The original valve system was discarded and a new valve system was designed to facilitate easier gas flow. CO2 being considered a slow gas, the idea of the new valve system was to allow more room for expansion, using more brass as it is a denser material and seems to absorb the cold from the CO2 better? I have no concrete figures to prove that statement, so the reason for the question mark. A new hammer and cocking system was developed so that the gun could be loaded but not put in battery at the same time, probable safety factor in my mind. The gun is also equipped with a trigger block safety.

The receiver are in two parts, they were far from true. So they had to be milled true. The open sights that came with the marker lacked a lot to be desired. They didn't allow for accuracy, a gun that can't hit what you are aiming at is worthless. So I milled a flat top on the upper receiver, machined a riser block and added Picatinney rail for scope mounting.

Initial testing shows decent accuracy off hand and getting right at 20 FPE with EUN JIN heavies. As seen in the photos I was using the "Air Source" CO2 bottles. But I found that using the 3.5 ounce buld bottles increased performance and looked nicer also.




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