I was in 6th grade, my folks enrolled me in a NRA shooting class in the evenings at the local Armory in New Ulm, MN. I did some shooting of powder burners for years and was the top scorer in my boot camp company in the Navy.

A few years ago we had an infestation of rabbits and I was shooting them with the .22 using CP caps, one of the neighbors swaucked about shooting the rifle so I started looking for something else to use. I found the Yellow forum and got a B-22, wanted to make sure I had enough power to do the job i guess. Must have over 10 thou rounds through the rifle now and about 3 springs. I took it to have it tested by Bob Werner on a trip to the east coast when i was delivering motor homes for Winnebago and got to meet him.

I got interested in the CO2 guns about 5 years ago and started to work on mine when the pellets kept bouncing off the grackles I was shooting out of the garden, well it wasn't long before more power was needed and away I went. About that time some of the other tuners went out of business and it created a gap so I have tried to fill it as best I can. Trying to keep the cost down and the quality high is a challenge, after seeing what some of the other guys called a tune I decided that I could do the work as good or better. I work on each rifle as if it was going to be mine

Mike also has an extensive home library that consists of over 10,000 books. I'm guessing they're not all airgun books!