What makes these rifles so special?

The first thing I do is order the rifles from Xisicousa. I send a Postal money order and then wait for what seems like forever, just like you do when you order one from me.

When they arrive I take them out of the case and look them over for any damage. Then each rifle is disassembled, the barrel is cleaned with an Otis pull through cleaner. Now all the parts are cleaned and inspected.

First off I align the barrel port and the port in the receiver. Next the bolt is polished and the bolt probe extention is installed, then the inside of the receiver is polished and the parts checked for smooth operation. The slots in the receiver are smoothed and polished along with the slot for the bolt handle. The hammer and cocking block are then polished for smoother operation and the slots in the gas tube are deburred and polished.

The valve assembly is worked on next, the inlet is opened, the pierceing pin is pointed and the diameter of the head is reduced to the OD of the spring. The valve is reduced in diameter and polished and the ID of the brass cap is opened. The port of the valve is smoothed and opened slightly for better flow.

I now reassemble the rifle and check for correct operation, 2 powerlets are installed and the testing begins. First is the velocity testing with 10 shots with a 1 minute wait between shots and the results recorded. Then it's to the outdoor range and the accuracy is checked, if needed the barrel is crowned.

Last but not least, the trigger group is disassembled and the mating surfaces are polished, lubed and checked. The jam nuts on the adjusting screws are installed and the new trigger spring is installed. I then put everything back together again and test to see that it's working the way it should be.

I pack it up and put the reseal kit and valve tool in the box and then ship it to who ever has purchased it. That's what I do to the rifles on a normal basis, for special orders I may do somethings a little different depending on what the customer wants.