Muzzle Brakes by Larry

Larry is a creative machinist who consistently turns out quality pieces at an affordable price. Besides the many brakes I have bought for myself and others, I recently worked with him on the shroud for my SSP250. 

Judge for yourself.

NEW 22XX  Delrin Forearm



  6 Hole CF-AL Tip F.jpg (212205 bytes)  12 Hole CF-Brass Tip F.jpg (214202 bytes)

19_Hole_Brass_Tip_F-1.jpg (69560 bytes)  1 Hole Parting Tip 1B.jpg (632762 bytes)  Fat Boy Post Sight CF 4-S.jpg (219950 bytes)

It seems that Robert's high rise breech has opened up a new world for Larry.

YES...a full 1" OD x 11" long brass shroud. Roberts RJMachine high rise breech with a full barrel shroud. Bull barrel muzzle tip and the breech end of the shroud tapered to .625" to match the width of Robert's breech. The weight of the shroud is 11.25 oz. Next project on the books is a 1" OD carbon fiber full barrel shroud (black and super light weight). THANK YOU ROBERT!

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Carbon Fiber Brake

This texture is called bi-directional matte. The gun is a 2240 with RJMachine high rise breech, converted to .177 cal. The shroud is 1" OD x 11" long. Weighs just 3 oz. but is super strong! Easy material to machine and work with, but be aware of breathing the fiber dust or touching when lathe is turning down. Tiny CF splinters are hard to remove...LOL

CF_Shroud_B.jpg (376866 bytes)  CF_Shroud_F.jpg (316198 bytes)  CF_Shroud_T.jpg (321326 bytes)


  CoolBastard.jpg (245965 bytes)  CoolBastard2.jpg (248394 bytes)

This is what happens when Larry thinks outside the brake.

Grooved to accept a Red Dot

1128376658.JPG (53032 bytes)

New Hex Design

8_Hole_Hex_Sight_F.jpg (102206 bytes)  8_Hole_Hex_Sight_B.jpg (78697 bytes)  8_Hole_Hex_B.jpg (91574 bytes)  8_Hole_Hex_F.jpg (83775 bytes)

1SingleSlotF.jpg (37688 bytes)  12_Hole_Carbon_Fiber_F.jpg (202360 bytes)  16_Hole_Carbon_Fiber_F.jpg (68702 bytes)  27_Hole_Brass_Tip_F.jpg (48237 bytes)  Brass_Tube_B.jpg (48362 bytes)  Brass_Tube_F.jpg (48405 bytes)

 14_Hole_Al_Blade_MB_F.jpg (107704 bytes)   14_Hole_Al_Blade_MB_Top.jpg (96983 bytes)

  27_Hole_Brass_Tip_F.jpg (74947 bytes)

  break-1.jpg (20905 bytes)  break-2.jpg (21810 bytes)  break-3.jpg (21744 bytes)

break-4.jpg (70511 bytes)  break-5.jpg (70511 bytes)

mine.jpg (232368 bytes)  Carbon_Fiber_F.jpg (367750 bytes)


My 2240 fitted with Larry's brake and a Williams Firesight.

LarryMB_11.jpg (101141 bytes)  LarryMB_06.jpg (120505 bytes)

The SSP250 Transformation.

From this...

SSPShroud_01.jpg (269732 bytes) this...

Garage_05.jpg (65395 bytes) this.

DSC00349rr.jpg (48175 bytes)



Watch Larry's Muzzle Brake in Action!!



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