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Doug's 2400 Assassin Special

Michael Chavka's grip set that made a basic 2250 sans carbine stock look so dang good. And now, much tighter feeling and accurate as the slop and play associated with the OE grips is taken out. 

Updated photos 05/13/2009
Updated 07/06/09 Added the buttstock for rifle standing position, and elevated the sight with a BT scope riser, put a Walther "Night Force" laser red dot and torch on the right weaver rail, and a BSA "Hunter Series" RGB dot sight, Replaced the 2400KT/2250B/XT action tube with one from a 2260 - and extra barrel band for securing the previously whippy 24" barrel.  The gun is now even more amazingly accurate than with the shorter tube, and gets at least 40 solid power shots.  I refer to it as the Black Russian From NY, or the Emporer RatCatcher for those UK fans of the 2250.  I am done modifying the gun, and the attached link will take you through the hole evolution of development from a pistol with open sights and a laser red dot to what you see in attached pic:


George Ewen's 1740 for PFT

I have experimented with many different homemade triggers but just couldn't get it right. After getting the chance to handle a high end target pistol I tried to apply some of it's design. It had a flatter-longer trigger. After reshaping a Crosman trigger the guard was in the way.,,, (still need to strip and repaint the grip frame) The breech is one that I got on a trade. The grips and barrel shroud are my creations. 
he shroud just slides over the for-end of the breech.


Mistico's Tactical 2250

I made this tactical 2250, is very easy transport it for the size and weight and with the enough power for plinking and small game, 13 fp with CPs.

It is a Mexican Made by The Mistico.


Paul's  2240 & 2250B

Weihrauch high efficiency silencer
Brass silencer adaptor
Power spring and brass guide
Extended probe and handle
Crosman steel breech
Walnut ambi grips by RB grips



Anthony R's .20cal Disco Carbine (RIFLE)

As some of you know I started this project a while back.  It started out as a std. .22 Disco rifle I bought from Dave@Cobra. Which I used for core parts. I knew that I wanted a .20 carbine with a peep sight that had a low profile, and to power it on bulk CO2.So the grocery list looked like this Lothar/Walther Barrel, 2260 Stock Mike T, Sheridan/Williams Peep Sight and any Crosman parts Alan@AB. Lefty Breech by Don Cothran.

Just finished putting the whole thing together last night so this AM I head out to Cobra to show the guys. Everyone likes it. Someone has a chrony set up .UH OH the moment of truth..  Now, I even have to see if it shoots, in front of a bunch of AirGun people. Not expecting too much, it's not really prime CO2 weather, only 62-64 degrees out, real damp, and I hadn't even put a shot threw it yet. I figured I'd come up with an excuse why it didn't work if I had to. SURPRISE! 1st shot H&N .20 Wadcutter 718.6fps 2nd shot .20 JSB Exact 686.3fps

Wow! I was very pleased, much better than I hoped for from an 18 inch barrel on CO2 in cool weather. More tuning and full shot strings to come.
Thanks to all who contributed their thoughts so I could complete this project.

The Full Length Finished @ 34 inches


Modified Fill plug

Re Curved Trigger

Sheridan/Williams Peep


Brainshot's 1377

I got a stock 1377 on Friday from pyramid air and pretty much spent the weekend working on this gun.

I'm happy with the build.

I made a large bolt handle for it.

I made the shroud for it so it's dead quiet.

What I spent the most time working on was this wire stock which has a built in power adjuster that allows me to swap springs in no time. It can go from rifle to pistol by just adjusting the hex screw and removing the stock.

I made a pump pin which will not slide while I pump.

Updated May 14, 2009

Jeff Shock's Custom 2250 in .177 Cal
Featuring a dual power hammer, TKO shroud, RJ Machine Breech with riser kit. Walnut stock by Steve Cochran.  Brass caps by Art's Shack.  The trigger has been completely modified with new spring and guide which I made and some precision pins by TKO. I have installed a boss valve  and with a 20" barrel it shoots on average 650-670 FPS.  A great target rifle on low power.  60 shots at 425 FPS.


Jay's Tactical QB 79

Base rifle QB79  22cal on HPA
The stock is an AR2078 modified to accept the HPA tank and truck bedliner covered
Custom aluminum buttstock extension and highlights
Rich from Michigan valve
1100 PSI 13 CI HPA tank and reg from Expert HPA
Shoots 14.3g JSB exacts at 860 f/s for 50-55 perfect shots
One hole accuracy at 20 yds
8 shot repeating riser breech from
Floated barrel double set screwed.

Gil Irving Custom 2240

This awesome 2240 has Gil's one a kind (for now) repeating breech.  It's got an internal velocity adjuster (like the other stocks), ported valve, heavier spring, 5 1/2" .22 barrel, brass hammer, custom transfer port, and then the obvious.  It has Gil's wire stock, shroud, tube cover, trigger shoe, safety, co2 cap and muzzle brake.  He polished the frame as well.  With a beautiful pair of grips made by Rick Andres.


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