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Hmm.. Rifle or Pistol?

Custom 2250 created by Dave Welker

This custom 2250 was made by Dave Welker. He did all the metal work himself using company equipment. It's guns like this that inspired me to create Airgun Artisans in the first place.

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Calvin's PCP 2250 Calvin's PCP 2250 Calvin's PCP 2250 Calvin's PCP 2250

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Jim's 2250 Bad Ass 2250 Billy Hoke's new creation. Nice paint job.

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Duane's Bulked SSP250

Pennsylvania Pistolero

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Roy's BEAUTIFUL 2250 Another view And another Another one of Roy's

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Ace's wonderful... beautiful... 2250b with stock... by Steve Corcoran. !!Sweet!!


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Billy Hoke's 2250 with custom shoulder stock

So I bought this old fiddle case on Ebay from a woman who said a very imaginative fellow gave it to her with a bottle of red wine and two glasses inside. What do you suppose that dude was up to? It is a coffin style case and dates back to the 1800's. It is made of wood, kind of fragile and all beat up. So I fiddled with it. Left the nicks and gouges in it, gave it a coat of paint and new interior. Guess what I use it for? Ahh, you peaked.

Adrian's Modded 2250
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2250 base.
24 inch barrel, with recrown. 
Silencer adapter and Hushpower II Silencer.
Crosman steel breech.
AS2250 bolt handle.
'Grant' stainless steel bolt with extended probe.
Spring and ball mod to the bolt so it stays where i put it.
Trigger rebuild, washers, polishing, pen spring + spring guide, sear grind.
Hammer spring adjuster and guide.
Bulk CO2, 9oz tank, fill adapter, macroline and a couple of 1/8 npt 1/4 slip fit swivel elbows, hand made dummy adapter.
Valve volume increased by cutting half the threads off the stem guide and drilling out, and cutting the piercing pin off.
Tapered stem, exhaust port curved, and new breech seal with 4.25mm ID

Scope. Hawke Airmax 4-12x44 Milidot

Sue in NC and her excellent 2250
I have heard of pregnant women having cravings...but Jeeeze!!! 
"This is my first custom airgun. It was originally a standard 2250. When my husband gave it to me, I thought it was the ugliest thing I had ever seen. I didn’t know they could be customized at the time. He got the grips from Ralph, the muzzle break was custom from Larry, the breach is from RJ machine and all the other brass pieces were made by Art. Now it is something I like to use and see. When I get a good hit on the soda cans, it shows what a nice airgun it is with some power behind it."

LarryR modded 2250
  1. My shooting buddy, Jeff, gave me a 2240 and wanted to see what kind of a mod I could come up with. Well, after about a month of working part time on it, this is what I came up with...LOL

    1 Changed 2240 gas tube to 2250
    2 Walnut grips and Tootsie forearm (still some finish work to do)
    3 Cut 1.25" off the length of the Crosman breech
    4 Added LPA notch sight
    5 Angle ported valve
    6 Steve NC HDD (yet to be added)
    7 Trigger job - 1.25 lb. pull
    8 1/8" extended bolt probe and removed 1/8" from back end of bolt
    9 Black Delrin muzzle brake with brass post sight (8-32 drill and tap)
    10 Add extra set screw to secure barrel (2)
    11 10" barrel

Rich in Mich
More beauties from Rich in Mich
The 2250 has a .20  13 in.Walther barrel and shoots 11.4 FTS's at 610 fps

Timothy Miller's .32 caliber 22xx carbine
I finally found a good way to hang the 22ci Wevo HPA tank from the .32 caliber 22xx I built. I am using macroline quick disconnect fittings and 12 inches of macroline. The gun uses HPA at 1125 psi, coming through a modified Nitro Duck I-reg regulator. Here’s what the gun looks like now:

Bruce Cox's 2400

Take a closer look at the nice clean lines.  Really Cool!

I am going to order one, but would like to see what some of the ones that y'all have put together. Here is some picks of my 2400 custom shop Woodie along with grips and a 13xx forearm. What do you think? Have wood will build.


Leo's long range rifle...

Another nice gun built by Leo

I have had this gun put together for some time but just recently put a bipod on it. My goal for this gun was a lot of power and maximum accuracy. I think I have achieved it. It does 810-820 fps with CO2 on a warm day and 875 fps with 850-900 psi of HPA and will do a lot more once I can get a modded regulator.

The accuracy is out of this world on this gun. Here is a target that I shot this morning. I have not yet shot groups at farther than 55 yards but can consistently hit 1.5" metal squares at 75 yards. The groups were shot in the prone position.

The parts and mods to those parts, for those that are interested, include:

24" .22 Crosman Barrel that I gave a deep dish target crown to
RJ Steel Breech in .22
RJ Extended Bolt, I narrowed the probe to just under 1/16"
A deboinger from Roy at Mtn. Air to try to save some gas
A 13xx hammer spring
A delrin hammer spring guide from Roy at Mtn. Air
Gil Irvin Wire Frame stock that I drilled and tapped a power adjuster into,
-The power adjuster was used to find that point in the adjustment range where the gun has
its most power and most efficiency.
Maxz Bulk End cap to use with bulk gas
B&A Economy valve that I bored out to the max
All transfer ports were enlarged to 3/16"
The transfer port in the valve was angled and bored to 3/16"
A vented brass muzzle brake from Roy at Mtn.
-This was used to help cure the muzzle flip that this gun developes.
Smart Parts drop forward and 1200 psi gauge
The CO2 tank used is a 24 oz
Leapers UTG 3-9x40 Scope
RB Walnut Target Grips and 2250 forearm
Much lighter valve spring
Delrin Valve Stem from Roy
2 more valve retention screws were installed

This is my most shot gun and will remain that way. It is so much fun to shoot, very accurate and powerful. I took a 25 lb raccoon with 2 shots last week. The second shot was to make sure it was down, one would have done the job.



Nugor's My three sons
Nice looking family photo

Here is a trio of projects I just finished.  The top one is a 2400 from the Crosman Custom shop in a Steve Cochran stock.   It's had several internal mods and shoots between 580-600 fps on a 12g Co2 cartridge with a ported custom shop valve.  The Middle one is a 2250 with a Crooked Barn Max Flow Bulk valve and trigger work.  It's shooting over 700 fps.  The bottom one is probably my favorite for some reason.  It's a 2240 with a Crooked Barn 12g Boss valve and lots of porting work.  I'm using one of MaxZ's bulk adapters and an RJMachine Hi-Rise breech.  It shoot's in the 650 fps range.  All have LDC's from Rich in Mich and heavier hammer springs by me.  I'm sure I'm forgetting something, but I can't remember what it is right now.

Rich's  Big brother and Little Brother

Nice little family started!

I have been hard at work again with my toys- little brother needed guidance so Big Brother was called in for training----B&A bulk valve totally modified-ported 14" long barrel -RJ long breech- delrin breech riser and forearm and ventilated 1"OD carbon fiber with brass ends shroud all by LarryR-extended bolt and brass o-ringed handle and trigger work by Roy-BSA 6x24 platinum scope- this rifle hits very hard and very accurate it weighs 4.8lbs with scope-I think they look good together!-Rich


Rich's 2250

A new long-range sniper

Looks like a new vsrsion of Crosman Ted Williams 126.1909


Calvin's neat little carbine

Sure is a nice looking gun.

here is a carbine that i threw together over the past couple of days with spare parts and mule gun parts. this one has a 12" .22 lothar walther barrel under a 1" carbon fiber shroud, overall length 31". did not get a chance to put it over the chrony today, but a fill of 2200 psi gives me about 12 shots. i will try to chrony it tomorrow, but by this weekend for sure. it is a 2250 tube with modified 2250 valve, delrin valve stem, secured valve with two 10 x 32 screws, mounted onto a crosman 262 stock, with DAQ .25 breech.
a question for those of you shooting jsb 16 gr. have you noticed any particular velocities that those pellets don't shoot accurately at? my talon is shooting arount 750 fps and doesn't group well with them, and my career shooting at the same velocities also does not group well with them. strangely, this little carbine also does not group well with them either, but my crosman 160 with peeps is awesome with them at 25 yds. maybe i need to try different velocities, but i need to get a new variety of fodder to play with also.




Michael Hossack's Custom 2250B

Lots of very fine parts on this one.

She's getting 800+ fps with 15 grain round balls. I expect over 900 fps with a Beeman Laser.
She's powered by a remote line attached to a 72ci Pure Energy 3000 psi tank with a factory 850      psi regulator.

Here's a mod list: (Started life as a Crosman 2250B)

Steve Corcoran Walnut Ambi stock for a 2260 with
decorative caps, stippling on the forearm and sling studs

Bryan & Associates (B&A):
Boss Max Flow Valve (lightened spring) & Bulk Cap
8 3/8" bulk tube extension

RJ Machine (Robert Jones) Extended High Rise Breech
RJ extended bolt with probe ground to 1/16" diameter

Crosman 24" barrel with Match Crown (fully lapped and
moly'd) Crosman 2260 valve tube

Roy Weid (Mountain Air Custom - 1750 Master on the Crosman forum):
Large Brass Fancy Bolt Handle with Stainless Steel handle
Brass Power Cap & Springs with spring guide
Brass Breech Cap
Delrin Stem with enhanced flow
Trigger spring & guide (1 lb. pull)
Trigger Shoe
7/8" Carbon Fiber Shroud with Brass Caps

Jeff Pursley (contact for vendor info):
Custom Aluminum Barrel/Shroud Bands (not installed yet)

Crosman Centerpoint 3-9x40 with Red/Green Mil Dot and Adjustable Objective

Burris Signature Zee rings (High) with a 40 MOA cant built in.





Rich Howell's Custom 2250B

This is sure one nice looking gun..




Pat's 2250

Mini Me Condor

My kids call This gun the "mini me Condor". I was built by Roy at MountainAir/Photo22 and it's running off a 1200psi 13ci Regalated air tank from Matt Bean. The setup also has Rick Andres rosewood grips and Mac-1 machined PB/AS adapor with a Roy at MA Carbon fiber shroud over an 18" well setup Cosman barrel by Roy W. combind with a RJMachine high rise breech. In the sight department, the Bushnell Banner 6-24x40 is the tool I chose for this rig. After setting things up and getting the Reg. set right the gun is doing:

Total shots=92 off the Reg. with a 3000psi fill 13ci tank.
Avg. FPS= 719.6 with CP’s 14.3gr
Avg. FPE= 16.4

Avg. FPS= 605.6 with Kodiak's 21.0gr
Avg. FPE= 17.1



My(Zoned's) Custom Crosman 2250

Well, here it is finally in it's completed form and ready to provide many years of fun. I hope you all like the photos and the info about this gun.


24" .22cal barrel, polished lead in and recrowned by Tim@MAC1 Airguns
12gram Boss valve with end cap bored out for extra volume by Tim Miller
Long steel breech, stainless steel bolt with extended probe and handle by Grant Stace
Polished brass extra wide barrel band by Grant Stace
Polished brass rear sight by Grant Stace
Polished brass wide trigger by Grant Stace
Stainless steel sear spring adjuster by Grant Stace
Polished brass CO2 end cap by Art Braden
Polished brass power adjuster by Art Braden
6" Ultra Black LDC by Mike Tiehen
Hammer spring guide by Roy Weid@Mountain Air
Centerpoint 3-9X44mm AO mildot scope and rings
SKS cheek riser from

I finally had an opportunity to shoot it for the first time today since it is finally all together, I was extremely pleased with the results. I haven't even done the poly transfer mod to it and I am getting 675-680FPS using 14.3gr CPs with the adjuster all the way in. With the adjuster turned down I get about 625FPS using 14.3gr CPs. I shot a couple of 21.1gr Beeman Kodiaks at about 570FPS. 14.6gr Beeman FTS were doing about 650FPS with max power. I imagine the poly transfer port mod will put me above the 700FPS mark with 14.3gr CPs on max power. Shot count on max power setting was about 15-17 shots, with it turned down I can get over 20.

Accuracy is excellent, I am printing about 1/2" at 20 yards without really trying too hard. I didn't take any pics of groups yet, but I will in upcoming days.

Next things to do will be a HDD for higher shot count and maybe the poly transfer port mod. Really, 680FPS is more than enough power for my range of shooting, so I may not do it. But I would like more shots though, so the HDD is a must.

This gun is definitely my favorite shooter so far. It's accurate, powerful, looks great(IMHO). I am going to have a great time shooting this gun for many years. Thank you to all of the guys(Grant Stace, Tim McMurray, Art Braden, Roy Weid) that make the incredible parts that allow me to build such a fine gun. I couldn't do it without you guys.

Here are some photos of the completed gun in various configurations(open sights and scoped with the LDC). Also there are some shots of the chrony numbers I was getting.  Here are the first 6 shots through the chrony with a brand new CO2 cartridge shooting 14.3gr CPs at max power: 676.2, 678.5, 677.9,680.0,675.6,676.2

Hope you enjoy, I know I do!


MasterWolf's 2250
I finally finished my new 2250 MasterWolf and wanted to share.
It's been 6 months and lot of work in the making and 
still to come, is a 11mm to weaver scope adaptor and power adjustor - but they are just icing on the cake
 It's got the 24" barrel and custom silencer specially designed for co2, RJ Machine Long breech and extended bolt
added the 2260 tube to it with a 2240 barrel band to keep it all in place,B & A BOSS valve and tube bulk kit
custom port and transfer mod,Trigger tune and hammer spring re-jig, 2 stage seer
Bipod from NcStar with custom tube mount modification

still to come

11mm dovetail to Weaver/Picatinnay adaptor for the top rail, side/bottom rail mounts
power adjustor,HDD - if i can ever find on that works with RJ's breech, or
lightened/custom hammer mod,possible tank bulk mod as a back up for when out in the bush

so a slightly insane project, but loads of fun


Jeff S. Lastest 2250

Mostly a dress up. Only mod inside is ice maker tube mod. Cap and power adjuster by Art. Breech by Crooked Barn bolt by Roy I polished the stock barrel band. Shoots between 580-610 depending on weather. Scope is Sportview. You just can't beat the RB Grips work.

 A nice looking 2240 

Another  2250


Stanley O'Neil's Custom Carbine 2250- Updated New Brass by Art, Stock from Michael in FL and New Scope


Brandon Ripple's  Custom 2250 

Here's my custom 2250 and a list of what you see (and can't see) in the photos. It performs well enough at 22 good shots on a cartridge at full power. The first cock on the dual power hammer allows a whole bunch of shots at about 400 fps with the JSB Exacts. It's real quiet too.

*Art's Aluminum End Cap
*Crosman 2300S Hammer Spring
*Crosman Long Steel Breech
*Gil's Aluminum Safety
*Gil's Power Adjuster
*Gil's Wire Stock
*Grant Stace Aluminum Trigger
*Grant Stace Stainless Bolt/Handle
*Mountain Air Cut/Crowned 19" Barrel
*Mountain Air Hammer Spring Guide
*Mountain Air Modded Valve
*Mountain Air Trigger Spring & Guide
*Redfield Windage Adjustable Mounts
*Rich from Mich Shroud
*Ricks Electric Blue Grips
*Simmons 22 Mag 4x32 Scope
*Ustilago's Dual Power Hammer
*UTG Clamp-on Bipod


MM's son 2250

I've been fiddling around with making a breech for my son's 2250. Thought about standard aluminum breech with dovetails but decided to go one step farther..made it a flow through bolt.

The breech is 1" dia with a 3/8" bolt. The bolt has a port in the bottom and the C02 flows up and into the back of the pellet. It is sealed with a scalloped nylon transfer port mod and two o-rings. One in the front and one behind the transfer port. The bolt is press fit into the barrel so no o-ring is there.

I had to re-make the cocking stud to make it longer.

The loading port is my next project. I plan to make it into a multi-shot so left it really small. Although it is possible to drop the pellets in, it is kind of a pain.

The plan is to replace the red dot with one of the smaller pistol red dots. The ring mount on the barrel is only temporary.

The stock is small for my son (almost 7yo) and adjustable on two axis and the buttplate can be canted.

I haven't crony'd or shot-counted it, not really looking to improve on either, just wanted to try something new.


Dave Karlak's 2250s

Mods: Home made pvc barrel shroud, home made pvc trigger shoe. Camo paint: krylon khaki and black
Crosman custom shop 2250 and home made barrel shroud


Tony Petch - "Black Widow 2250"

This Tony's own 2250. He makes leather inserts for 2250s. The stock is a satin sheen coated Steve Corcoran stock.  This is one beautiful looking black widow! 

24" barrel...
Bruce Cox steel breech...
Boss valve...triple anchored for safety...
Extended probe custom bolt from sdcustomdesign...
Bruce Cox custom transfer port...
Power adjuster...
Light trigger spring from sdcustomdesign...
Brass trigger shoe from sdcustomdesign...
Steve Corcoran tactical stock...
Custom leather insert by me...



Doug's 2400 Assassin Special

Michael Chavka's grip set that made a basic 2250 sans carbine stock look so dang good. And now, much tighter feeling and accurate as the slop and play associated with the OE grips is taken out. 

Updated photos 05/13/2009
Updated 07/06/09 Added the buttstock for rifle standing position, and elevated the sight with a BT scope riser, put a Walther "Night Force" laser red dot and torch on the right weaver rail, and a BSA "Hunter Series" RGB dot sight, Replaced the 2400KT/2250B/XT action tube with one from a 2260 - and extra barrel band for securing the previously whippy 24" barrel.  The gun is now even more amazingly accurate than with the shorter tube, and gets at least 40 solid power shots.  I refer to it as the Black Russian From NY, or the Emporer RatCatcher for those UK fans of the 2250.  I am done modifying the gun, and the attached link will take you through the hole evolution of development from a pistol with open sights and a laser red dot to what you see in attached pic:


Mistico's Tactical 2250

I made this tactical 2250, is very easy transport it for the size and weight and with the enough power for plinking and small game, 13 fp with CP´s.

It is a Mexican Made by The Mistico.


Jeff Shock's Custom 2250 in .177 Cal
Featuring a dual power hammer, TKO shroud, RJ Machine Breech with riser kit. Walnut stock by Steve Cochran.  Brass caps by Art's Shack.  The trigger has been completely modified with new spring and guide which I made and some precision pins by TKO. I have installed a boss valve  and with a 20" barrel it shoots on average 650-670 FPS.  A great target rifle on low power.  60 shots at 425 FPS.


Derek MCMinn's Crosman SSP250 Field Target pistol

20 cal barrel
Custom LDC
Chrome plated barrel shroud
Painted grips


Paul's 2250

Crosman 18" barrel with dish crown
Crosman long steel breech
Delrin muzzle break
2" extended aluminum filler cap
Brass power adjuster
Power spring and brass guide
Extended probe and brass handle
Stainless steel sear
Brass trigger adjuster
Brass trigger blade
Nikko sterling platinum scope mounts
Hawke nite eye 3-10x42 FULL IR
Aluminum mini silencer adaptor
Weihrauch silencer



Nate's 2250

I have no idea how many fps, but it shoots straight, groups well, and hits hard out to 30 yards, which is my max indoor distance. And yes, that indoor length is correct.
The "standard" improvements include a BOSS valve, poly transfer seal, recrowned muzzle, and an HDD is in the tool box waiting for installation.
Blue Fork Design's grip frame. There is virtually no trigger creep, and requires only a few ounces to pull, with very little over travel; it's shocking at first, but awesome once you're used to it. 
 The CAA grip is for a standard AR/M series rifle. It has multiple inserts to fit every hand size; it's very comfortable.  
The forward grip is by FAB and folds down for another pistol grip, offering a number of hold options in the field.
The tapered Picatinny rail is for an AR handle but it levels out the difference between the grip frame and the homemade tube band almost perfectly.
The flashlight mount is also from CAA and has a quick release for use off the gun, and on a belt clip. That's one of my favorite features, as I wear the flashlight for work anyway.
It's a high rise stainless breech by Don Cothran, with the jewelling done by me.
The shroud is by Alejandro and really finishes off the tactical look.
And the shoulder stock alterations have been done by me.

The stock is the original stock that comes on a 2250, and that came with my gun. I cut the pistol grips off and flipped it over so the bottom became the cheak piece. Then I bored it out to fit to the rear of the main tube with some telescoping aluminum pieces. The rear of the stock was then cut off, and realigned with some aluminum plate so it fit my shoulder just right. The original plan was to match up a CAA stock for a real AR rifle, but after the original stock worked out so well I decided to stick with it. The price was right too~ free. 



Andrew J Pocock's AS2250

I can't take a lot of credit beyond bolting the parts together and spending some time polishing the trigger and sear but I now have a high powered airgun that shoots nice tight groups out to 40 yards.
The mods list as follow:
Extended probe bolt:  Crooked Barn (USA)
Boss valve:  B&A (USA)
Air bottle adaptor: B&A (USA)
24" crowned barrel: B&A (USA)
Air bottle and regulator:  John DiStefano (USA)
Trigger: GMAC (UK)
Trigger sear:  GMAC (UK)
Adjustable trigger spring: GMAC (UK)
Allen bolts: S D Custom (UK)
Brass Caps: GMAC (UK)
Silencer: Local gunshop (UK)
The most important mods.  Going to HPA for consistent power and then polishing the trigger/sear, crowning the barrel and reducing the trigger pull to about 1˝lbs to aid accuracy



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