"I use to have a life. But now I have a forum. Am I a sick man?" --Biohazardman

Is there anything he can't do? Duane has not only modded more airguns than most  guys will ever own...he has generously shared that information with all of us. There is simply no way to thank him enough. Used with permission and taken from the Crosman Forum.


  Biohazard Modified Valve

  Biohazard Transfer Port Mod

  Biohazard Trigger Tune

  Biohazard Trigger Wobble Correction 

Biohazard Tube Bulk How to #1

Biohazard Tank Bulk How to #2

Biohazard Barrel Shroud 

  Biohazard Adjustable Rear Sights

  Biohazard Mod the Tube Bulk Valve for Power

  Biohazard BIO Valve


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